This meditation begins with relaxation, and then guides you to imagine yourself expressing gratitude to three people with every cell in your body.


Grateful Breathing

Begin by finding a comfortable, relaxed position. Allow your body to begin to relax. Take a breath in and breathe out. Picture the thankful feeling in every breath you take. Imagine this breathing helping you unleash your gratitude.

Three People – Three Grateful Feelings

Find three people to be grateful for today. Visualize their names:

  1. Mentally select the person to thank. Remember what this person did for you and why you feel the need to say thanks right now. Your thank you is quiet and warm like a summer breeze. Mentally scan this person with your warmest thanks.
  2. Mentally select the person to appreciate. Remember this person’s words, thoughts, and why you feel the need to show your appreciation today. Your appreciation is calm and loose like a cool mist. Mentally scan this person with your refreshing appreciation.
  3. Mentally select the person to be grateful for. Remember this person as one of your life supporters and think why you feel the need to express your gratitude at this moment. Your gratitude is radiant beam of light that adds a beautiful glow to the touch. Mentally scan this person with your deepest gratitude.

After each scan, pause and take few breaths to think how this person must be feeling.


Breathe in and out; continue the grateful breathing while you mentally scan each person with the visualization of the gratitude feeling. Allow the feeling to surround the person’s feet, continuing up to the upper body. Feel the pleasantly relaxed emotion spreading throughout this person’s shoulders, arms, hands, and finger tips. This feeling gives a tingly sensation and relaxes the back, the neck, all the way to the top of this person’s head. You hope that the person feels good because you’re enjoying a very pleasant experience.

Feel your body and mind becoming more aware and deeply connected with the people who you directed your grateful emotions today. You don’t have to physically act but a simple action like writing their names on pieces of paper and saving them in a glass jar would make you feel better. You’ll find many ways to express your gratitude; you can visit or call them, you can decide to write them a card, or send them a text. Enjoy.