Thanksgiving for Social CapitalPleasure, more than fomo, drives you to social media channels.  Memes are rewards rewiring your brain and keeping up with others makes you feel good. Perhaps you want to be part of the larger global community; you might also want access to more, new, and different information in order to form your own voice; or, maybe you want to control your own experience. Social media makes more sense when it is meaningful, when you discover something new, or you take chances contributing to the greater good; and, this better meaning is a reflection of your high social standards, your values.

You find enormous value in staying in touch, especially with those who build you up; family, friends, mentors, and those who helped you get to where you are and where you want to be. You need to stay connected with these exceptional people because they make you better. Beyond likes, pins, hearts, and emojis, you need to find who they are across your connections:

  • Those who accept you when you’re honest because they know that you don’t want to hurt anyone.
  • Those who know that you’re not crazy, just a person that wants to collect deep experiences.
  • Those who consistently give you a break not because they have to, but because they can.
  • Those who are familiar with the reasons why you’re a fan of your own life.Blaise Pascal Quote
  • Those who rally behind your plan with no judgment, just great support.
  • Those who laugh with you when you laugh out loud at yourself.
  • Those who admire your open mind and your free soul.

These people are the stronger side of your social capital. They trust you; they look you in the eyes and touch your heart. You know who they are because you feel the same about them. For quite some time you have been the object of their kindness, and they have been the object of your sincere gratitude.