Our Mission

It is our mission to inspire a world of thanks.

Every day, for things large and small, we are all grateful. Here at WeGush, it is our goal is to make it fun and easy to express that appreciation.

We hope you will join our Revolution in Gratitude!

Martha Huntley

The WeGush Story

Martha Huntley, WeGush founder and the mom of three, always enjoyed volunteering to support her children’s activities at school and in the community. Coordinating teacher and coach appreciation was often her favorite (albeit sometimes challenging) part of the job.

Her experience inspired Martha to build a tool to make group appreciation simpler and more meaningful. By inviting parents and students to post a note of thanks online, the WeGush group appreciation app allows the whole class or team to participate.

Although the WeGush concept originated in the classroom, it has been embraced for a wide variety of celebrations. Gushes have been created for friends celebrating birthdays, coaches wrapping up a season, colleagues retiring at the office, neighbors moving out of town, couples celebrating an anniversary, and friends needing get-well wishes.

And now, the new WeGush iPhone app puts appreciation at your fingertips. With a few touches, you can deliver gratitude directly to someone who positively impacted your day. Send a beautiful, immediate thank you from anywhere, at any time.

Martha is grateful to travel this journey with her husband, Steven, their three children, and, of course, her amazing team!

Company Timeline

June 2015 WeGush individual appreciation iPhone app launched
April 2015 Custom-printed keepsake deck pilot program introduced
Dec. 2014 Group money collection feature added
Sept. 2014 Angel investment received
July 2013 WeGush group appreciation Web app launched