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How gravity keeps your gratitude real

Got gratitude? The average person probably doesn’t think about it on a daily basis, but yet gratitude is everywhere and in everything you do. Like other forces of nature, gratitude is an invisible and inexplicable power that connects you with people, places, and things. Similarly to physical gravity, when you feel gratitude you’re inner wisdom […]

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Gratitude is fullness from within

Every day presents a chance for you to unleash your gratitude; those moments happen when you discover your grateful words and dedicate them to the kindness of the people around you. The hint to this happy discovery might be in the little things that bring peace to your present moment, like knowing on a given […]

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Peeling the 5 Layers of Gratitude

There’s a lot more to gratitude than many people see.  Gratitude is like an onion. Onions have layers. Gratitude has layers. Get it?

The polite outer layer of my gratitude peels easily because everyone close to me deserves a thank you. Thanking close connections works as long as it doesn’t feel like thanking the voice activated […]

3 People 3 Grateful feelings – a short gratitude meditation

This meditation begins with relaxation, and then guides you to imagine yourself expressing gratitude to three people with every cell in your body.

Grateful Breathing
Begin by finding a comfortable, relaxed position. Allow your body to begin to relax. Take a breath in and breathe out. Picture the thankful feeling in every breath you take. Imagine this breathing helping you […]

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The art of expressing gratitude at the Oscars

It seems especially gratifying for award-winning artists to feel supported by their peers.  In their acceptance speeches they often thank God, their parents, their partners, their fellow nominees, their behind-the-scenes team, and the people who helped them through their creative journeys. A few of them will find a way to promote a special cause or […]

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What do intentions have to do with gratitude?

There’s nothing like old tales about a man stuck on the road to make you think about how your intentions manifest during social interactions and shape the way you connect:

The jack story: A man gets stuck on a rural road with a flat tire and no jack. He could see a glimmer of light […]

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This too shall pass but what follows is gratitude

This Too Shall Pass is a well known saying.  That everything is and will be temporary; makes for a good lyric and a great tattoo –TTSP.  This phrase works during times of distress and affliction to remind us that change for the good is around the corner. It also works on the moments of health, […]

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Love Meets Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is here and words of love are in the air. But, have you ever missed the opportunity to simply say “thank you” to your sweetheart, and really wished you had? Have you ever tried an awesome greeting card? I want to share with you this perfectly timed poem by Laura Strickland. Her sweet words are simple reminders […]

Say “thank you, my love”, it pays

Even if you don’t pay too much attention to what people say, you can’t help but pause at the sound of a thank you. Not only do you need it, but your sweetheart does as well because more than chocolate, being appreciated is one of your darling companion’s biggest cravings that brings happiness. Genuine recognition […]

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3 Best Wishes for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese lunar calendar sets 2016 as the year of the monkey and here at WeGush we would like to mark this festive occasion by wishing you health, prosperity, and love. Along with seeking the blessings of your lucky stars, remember that there is a chance for you to create a fulfilling and pleasurable year […]

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