2016 wishes

How fascinating is it that every year people all over the world are connected in the shared celebration of a single day? Many of us mark the occasion of a new year by setting new health, fitness, financial and even relationship goals that renew our outlook on life. For example, practicing a year of mercy is an opportunity to reconnect with your Emunah or to try a love and kindness meditation.

Let’s not underestimate the little things that make change happen. After all, every January brings opportunities to recharge by looking around you and being inspired by what you see.  Maybe inspiration lies in the brave people that crowd the gyms or even the commuters that take the New England winter with good humor and a whole lot of heart.

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to facing this year with optimism, happiness, and a renewed sense of gratitude for everything good and right in the last year.  As we leave behind December and a fun season of giving, we should remember that the spirit of the season remains- we really never stop giving. Every day that you’re present, every time you use the language of gratitude, you give things your personal touch, hold up your hand for a high five, flash a smile, speak  a fun phrase, give a cheer, share an honest compliment, or perform even the smallest acts of kindness, you set the stage for someone to feel valued, respected, and important.

Be brave. Be kind. Be Grateful.


With every thanks, you give of yourself. It takes a lot of courage to seize the moment. It takes a lot of kindness to notice someone. It takes a lot of gratitude to express how you honestly feel about someone. My wish for you in the coming year? Channel your true thankful self: be brave, be kind, and be grateful.