Thanksgiving treeIf you’re part of any social network, I bet you have a large number of connections, but that is only one side of your relationships. You also have deep friendships that push you to get involved in happy events, the gym, and other worthy causes; this closer group of people not only shapes your schedule, they shape your life.  They trust you to go to their events; you trust them to go to yours. Bonding with them has helped you find new acquaintances and different activities.  Perhaps these take the form of paddling outdoors in the freezing winter (which I still question the benefits of, but keep doing as therapy), or even venting the drama of the busy week while doing breathing exercises and chasing a bouncy ball with a weird-looking ping-pong racket at hand.

Your close friends matter.  Old and new friends, colleagues and outside work friends, purposely pro-civic and pro-fun social friends, they all build you up. You might have learned to drive, to kiss, to salsa dance because of a good friend. Most likely you found a job, a partner, a good investment, or a great deal because of the handy work of a close friend. Through laughs, tears, and sweat they have shown you how they have your best interests in mind. It seems like your close friends are in a common project with the  goal of making you succeed.Grateful for close friends

What can you do for them? You might like to donate blood or give them one of your kidneys if needed. You might like to trade your favorite college sweater if they really, really want it. Shiny gifts are nice too, if you can stick to a budget. The truth is that there is no need to push for a life changing challenge to test your close friendships, just rise to the occasion by letting them know how grateful you are for them.