Celebrate Thanksgiving WeGush Style!

Here at WeGush, Thanksgiving has a special place in our hearts.  Sure, we love stuffing and pumpkin pie.  

We dig football and even the fighting over who gets to do the wishbone.  But, of course, we love Thanksgiving because of everything that it stands for, and we have so very much to be grateful and […]

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T-Minus 7 Days to T-Day

I think it’s accurate to say that this week has been a particularly negative and divisive one in this country.  I have found myself unplugging more and more every day, but it’s difficult to escape when it’s so pervasive.  It’s in these moments that I’m reminded how incredibly important it is to practice gratitude and […]

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Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Love and Compassion.

When the Boston Marathon bombings occurred, I was on my way to the finish line (having stopped for frozen yogurt with my cousin), and ended up fleeing as I reached Kenmore Square.  In the hours that followed, fielding calls from frantic relatives and friends, then making my own to my best friend, who was volunteering […]

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Finding Body Love in a Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

Yesterday, I had to go for a bridesmaid dress fitting.  I’m not sure how many of our readers have ever had to do this, but essentially, you have to stand with your arms straight out and they take all sorts of measurements before declaring that you need a size that is anywhere from 2-3 sizes […]

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Happy Veterans Day: We Thank You.

To all the men and women who serve and have served this country: WeGush is so very grateful.  Thank you.



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Be Grateful for Your Close Friends

If you’re part of any social network, I bet you have a large number of connections, but that is only one side of your relationships. You also have deep friendships that push you to get involved in happy events, the gym, and other worthy causes; this closer group of people not only shapes your schedule, […]

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A View of Your Gratitude from High Up

Every day brings back and forth struggles between your wants and needs. This struggle, combined with a tendency to conform and a need for instant gratification, clouds your view of happiness. The science of gratitude offers some clarity, but like the physical concepts that explain why balloons fly, gratitude described as a transcendental idea, can […]

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NOVEMBER: Attitude of Gratitude

All throughout my Facebook feed since November 1st, I’ve been witnessing a drastic increase in Gratitude posts, primarily, of those partaking in gratitude challenges. ‘Tis the month for giving thanks (although we like to think it’s chic to says thanks all year round, of course!).

What really strikes me as I read these posts is the […]

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If you can’t run with gratitude, you don’t win.

My husband David got the running bug.  It started few years ago as a debt of gratitude to Children’s Hospital of Boston, an institution that has given our family so much. David and I have been together for more than 20 years, so I knew that he wasn’t a couch potato, but I never knew […]

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A Grateful Picture of Your Social Capital

Pleasure, more than fomo, drives you to social media channels.  Memes are rewards rewiring your brain and keeping up with others makes you feel good. Perhaps you want to be part of the larger global community; you might also want access to more, new, and different information in order to form your own voice; or, […]

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