The art of expressing gratitude at the Oscars

It seems especially gratifying for award-winning artists to feel supported by their peers.  In their acceptance speeches they often thank God, their parents, their partners, their fellow nominees, their behind-the-scenes team, and the people who helped them through their creative journeys. A few of them will find a way to promote a special cause or […]

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What do intentions have to do with gratitude?

There’s nothing like old tales about a man stuck on the road to make you think about how your intentions manifest during social interactions and shape the way you connect:

The jack story: A man gets stuck on a rural road with a flat tire and no jack. He could see a glimmer of light […]

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Love Meets Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is here and words of love are in the air. But, have you ever missed the opportunity to simply say “thank you” to your sweetheart, and really wished you had? Have you ever tried an awesome greeting card? I want to share with you this perfectly timed poem by Laura Strickland. Her sweet words are simple reminders […]

Say “thank you, my love”, it pays

Even if you don’t pay too much attention to what people say, you can’t help but pause at the sound of a thank you. Not only do you need it, but your sweetheart does as well because more than chocolate, being appreciated is one of your darling companion’s biggest cravings that brings happiness. Genuine recognition […]

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Sweet on Valentines

When I was thinking about writing this entry, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood Valentines. Like many others, in my early grades at school we used to make Valentines with construction paper, doilies, glitter, glue, ribbon, and yarn. We used coloring pencils and crayons to write our poetry, compliments, and Valentine’s Day good wishes. […]

9 Signatures in Your Appreciation Experience

People in your life understand you by paying attention, actively listening with all senses, and knowing your personal language made up of your spoken words, gestures, sounds, touch, and even eye contact that express what you really mean and how you truly feel. This is how they get the message that you just need someone that […]

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Getting “Wordy” With It

I had another blog post planned for today, but when I sat down to set it up, I realized that I wanted to take a slightly different route.  Martha Huntley, Founder and CEO of WeGush and I were chatting the other day about changes in communication and the myriad ways in which the English language is […]

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Savoring the Back to School Swirl

Every August, my family gets caught up in a swirl of emotion about a new school year. The end of the summer is bad enough news, shattering our hope for more lazy sunny days by the beach, our love for relaxing on a chair with a favorite book, and the freedom from the simplicity of […]

The Many Miles and Bigger Hearts of Boston

There is so much I love about Boston. It has been my home for over 20 years, it is where my three kids were born, and where I became a US citizen. Around the world, Boston stands out for its education, technology, and politics. Even if it is not perfect and we could use more […]

The Rather Personal Nature of Texting

Last month, I read an interesting article in the Washington Post about the impersonal nature of texting.  That summary doesn’t quite do it justice, so I encourage you to read it in its entirety.

I read this article through a bit of a different lens. I grew up in a household with two profoundly deaf parents. […]

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