Peeling the 5 Layers of Gratitude

There’s a lot more to gratitude than many people see.  Gratitude is like an onion. Onions have layers. Gratitude has layers. Get it?

The polite outer layer of my gratitude peels easily because everyone close to me deserves a thank you. Thanking close connections works as long as it doesn’t feel like thanking the voice activated […]

3 People 3 Grateful feelings – a short gratitude meditation

This meditation begins with relaxation, and then guides you to imagine yourself expressing gratitude to three people with every cell in your body.

Grateful Breathing
Begin by finding a comfortable, relaxed position. Allow your body to begin to relax. Take a breath in and breathe out. Picture the thankful feeling in every breath you take. Imagine this breathing helping you […]

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3 Ways to Connect with Namaste

This year I’m trying yoga and meditation with mixed success: I tend to forget to breathe, I can’t fully stop the dialog on my head, I still get dizzy attempting some of the upside down positions, but I feel good and my stress level is under control. I love the air around the classes, how […]

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