Finding a balance for everyday gratitude

Like everyone else I’m trying to do the best I can with my gratitude, but for the most part I take things as I can fit them in my day; and, with a family pace that is at odd with any form of pausing, everyday gratitude is definitely a challenge. Some days, I need a […]

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How gravity keeps your gratitude real

Got gratitude? The average person probably doesn’t think about it on a daily basis, but yet gratitude is everywhere and in everything you do. Like other forces of nature, gratitude is an invisible and inexplicable power that connects you with people, places, and things. Similarly to physical gravity, when you feel gratitude you’re inner wisdom […]

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Congratulations beyond unicorns and flamenco dancers.

Did you happen to see Amy Butcher’s opinion piece in last Sunday’s New York Times? It’s an interesting read called “Emoji Feminism” and you can click here to read it. I highly recommend you do!

A female friend of the author earned tenure, and to express her excitement, she texted her words of congratulations, plus emojis […]

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What do intentions have to do with gratitude?

There’s nothing like old tales about a man stuck on the road to make you think about how your intentions manifest during social interactions and shape the way you connect:

The jack story: A man gets stuck on a rural road with a flat tire and no jack. He could see a glimmer of light […]

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This too shall pass but what follows is gratitude

This Too Shall Pass is a well known saying.  That everything is and will be temporary; makes for a good lyric and a great tattoo –TTSP.  This phrase works during times of distress and affliction to remind us that change for the good is around the corner. It also works on the moments of health, […]

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3 Best Wishes for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese lunar calendar sets 2016 as the year of the monkey and here at WeGush we would like to mark this festive occasion by wishing you health, prosperity, and love. Along with seeking the blessings of your lucky stars, remember that there is a chance for you to create a fulfilling and pleasurable year […]

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Sweet on Valentines

When I was thinking about writing this entry, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood Valentines. Like many others, in my early grades at school we used to make Valentines with construction paper, doilies, glitter, glue, ribbon, and yarn. We used coloring pencils and crayons to write our poetry, compliments, and Valentine’s Day good wishes. […]

9 Signatures in Your Appreciation Experience

People in your life understand you by paying attention, actively listening with all senses, and knowing your personal language made up of your spoken words, gestures, sounds, touch, and even eye contact that express what you really mean and how you truly feel. This is how they get the message that you just need someone that […]

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Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Grateful

How fascinating is it that every year people all over the world are connected in the shared celebration of a single day? Many of us mark the occasion of a new year by setting new health, fitness, financial and even relationship goals that renew our outlook on life. For example, practicing a year of mercy is […]

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T-Minus 7 Days to T-Day

I think it’s accurate to say that this week has been a particularly negative and divisive one in this country.  I have found myself unplugging more and more every day, but it’s difficult to escape when it’s so pervasive.  It’s in these moments that I’m reminded how incredibly important it is to practice gratitude and […]

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