Gratitude is fullness from within

Every day presents a chance for you to unleash your gratitude; those moments happen when you discover your grateful words and dedicate them to the kindness of the people around you. The hint to this happy discovery might be in the little things that bring peace to your present moment, like knowing on a given […]

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3 Best Wishes for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese lunar calendar sets 2016 as the year of the monkey and here at WeGush we would like to mark this festive occasion by wishing you health, prosperity, and love. Along with seeking the blessings of your lucky stars, remember that there is a chance for you to create a fulfilling and pleasurable year […]

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Finding Body Love in a Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

Yesterday, I had to go for a bridesmaid dress fitting.  I’m not sure how many of our readers have ever had to do this, but essentially, you have to stand with your arms straight out and they take all sorts of measurements before declaring that you need a size that is anywhere from 2-3 sizes […]

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3 Ways to Connect with Namaste

This year I’m trying yoga and meditation with mixed success: I tend to forget to breathe, I can’t fully stop the dialog on my head, I still get dizzy attempting some of the upside down positions, but I feel good and my stress level is under control. I love the air around the classes, how […]

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Some of the best wedding gifts aren’t found on a registry

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we share lots of wonderful stories in the news about gratitude, positivity, appreciation, and simply people being awesome to each other. (If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you should! Click here.)

Last night, we shared a story from Upworthy that I can’t get out of my […]

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The Balancing Act

No matter how old I get, fall is always back to school month for me.  It’s a time of transition and sometimes a time of chaos. I’ve found that, so far, this month has been particularly crazed (and I don’t even have children!).  Indeed, September seems to be the month where I must be exceedingly […]

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Grateful for LIFT: Lifting for Good

Leading up to World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace on September 21, WeGush is highlighting some awesome nonprofits and their leaders who are doing an amazing job to help make the world a better place. Today we highlight the awesome team and program at LIFT:

The organization:
LIFT –  currently serving Los Angeles, New York, […]

Let it Be

When my dad passed away, I started to look at life in a new light.  He had been very sick for a long time and towards the end of his life, he was unable to see, hear and walk.  I became acutely appreciative of my sight, my hearing (hey, I’m not profoundly deaf, so there […]

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The funny thing about gratitude…

Our dear and wonderful friend Toni Lansbury posted a spot today on her daily blog “The Gratitude-a-thon.” She is on day 670 of writing about things large and small that she can be grateful for in her life and the lifes of others. Today she writes about why gratitude is “so powerful you can write a […]

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A Bouquet of Gratitude Facts

We’re a combination of reason and intelligent thinking mashed up with passions and instincts. For some matters we rely on logic, and for others, we lead with our hearts. Sometimes we need evidence, other times we embrace things by taking leaps of faith. Do you need proof that gratitude pays off? Do you need science […]

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