Gratitude is fullness from within

Every day presents a chance for you to unleash your gratitude; those moments happen when you discover your grateful words and dedicate them to the kindness of the people around you. The hint to this happy discovery might be in the little things that bring peace to your present moment, like knowing on a given […]

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Peeling the 5 Layers of Gratitude

There’s a lot more to gratitude than many people see.  Gratitude is like an onion. Onions have layers. Gratitude has layers. Get it?

The polite outer layer of my gratitude peels easily because everyone close to me deserves a thank you. Thanking close connections works as long as it doesn’t feel like thanking the voice activated […]

What do intentions have to do with gratitude?

There’s nothing like old tales about a man stuck on the road to make you think about how your intentions manifest during social interactions and shape the way you connect:

The jack story: A man gets stuck on a rural road with a flat tire and no jack. He could see a glimmer of light […]

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This too shall pass but what follows is gratitude

This Too Shall Pass is a well known saying.  That everything is and will be temporary; makes for a good lyric and a great tattoo –TTSP.  This phrase works during times of distress and affliction to remind us that change for the good is around the corner. It also works on the moments of health, […]

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9 Signatures in Your Appreciation Experience

People in your life understand you by paying attention, actively listening with all senses, and knowing your personal language made up of your spoken words, gestures, sounds, touch, and even eye contact that express what you really mean and how you truly feel. This is how they get the message that you just need someone that […]

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Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Grateful

How fascinating is it that every year people all over the world are connected in the shared celebration of a single day? Many of us mark the occasion of a new year by setting new health, fitness, financial and even relationship goals that renew our outlook on life. For example, practicing a year of mercy is […]

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A man. A voice. A dream.

We are grateful for the great work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream. (audio)
Delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Thank you for content via the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr. and to the Top 100 American Speeches online Speech Bank.

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Be Grateful for Your Close Friends

If you’re part of any social network, I bet you have a large number of connections, but that is only one side of your relationships. You also have deep friendships that push you to get involved in happy events, the gym, and other worthy causes; this closer group of people not only shapes your schedule, […]

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A View of Your Gratitude from High Up

Every day brings back and forth struggles between your wants and needs. This struggle, combined with a tendency to conform and a need for instant gratification, clouds your view of happiness. The science of gratitude offers some clarity, but like the physical concepts that explain why balloons fly, gratitude described as a transcendental idea, can […]

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The Key to Your Gratitude

The key to cultivating gratitude is doing work today, and then doing work again tomorrow.  On a great day it is simple to remember what’s good and right in front of you; like a scrumptious cup of coffee.  Just think of how it got to you, the store that made it available, the people that […]

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