Grateful for special teachers

Do you recognize the handwriting on this card? Do you know who it might be from? You just might if you are one of the lucky ones who had David Weinstein as a teacher.

My daughter Julia was one of the lucky ones. She was fortunate enough to be placed in David’s classroom when she was […]

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Congratulations beyond unicorns and flamenco dancers.

Did you happen to see Amy Butcher’s opinion piece in last Sunday’s New York Times? It’s an interesting read called “Emoji Feminism” and you can click here to read it. I highly recommend you do!

A female friend of the author earned tenure, and to express her excitement, she texted her words of congratulations, plus emojis […]

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Peeling the 5 Layers of Gratitude

There’s a lot more to gratitude than many people see.  Gratitude is like an onion. Onions have layers. Gratitude has layers. Get it?

The polite outer layer of my gratitude peels easily because everyone close to me deserves a thank you. Thanking close connections works as long as it doesn’t feel like thanking the voice activated […]

3 People 3 Grateful feelings – a short gratitude meditation

This meditation begins with relaxation, and then guides you to imagine yourself expressing gratitude to three people with every cell in your body.

Grateful Breathing
Begin by finding a comfortable, relaxed position. Allow your body to begin to relax. Take a breath in and breathe out. Picture the thankful feeling in every breath you take. Imagine this breathing helping you […]

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Love Meets Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is here and words of love are in the air. But, have you ever missed the opportunity to simply say “thank you” to your sweetheart, and really wished you had? Have you ever tried an awesome greeting card? I want to share with you this perfectly timed poem by Laura Strickland. Her sweet words are simple reminders […]

Magnitude of Gratitude

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the reasons WHY we show gratitude, give thanks (Thanksgiving is probably the first thing that popped into your head), and show our appreciation.  It’s much more than just a polite obligation.

We are taught to say thank you from a young age, so much so, that often, it becomes ingrained.  We […]

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It’s a Grand Life.

I hear my Nana’s voice in my head most days, telling me I’m doing things right (or sometimes wrong). She and my grandfather have been married for 57 years (I was born on their anniversary.  I like to joke that I was the best anniversary present they’ve ever gotten), and if there is one thing […]

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