Did you happen to see Amy Butcher’s opinion piece in last Sunday’s New York Times? It’s an interesting read called “Emoji Feminism” and you can click here to read it. I highly recommend you do!

A female friend of the author earned tenure, and to express her excitement, she texted her words of congratulations, plus emojis of confetti, clinking glasses, party hat, etc. Then she sent her a unicorn. Then she thought twice about it…

She was markedly a woman. She was by no means a unicorn. Where was the emoji for her?

She thought about sending a flamenco dancer.

Indeed, it’s the flamenco dancer I find I send most often when a friend has achieved greatness. Her one arm in the air, she suggests an attitude of self-assurance, of cool-­minded confidence.

She and her friend met up later and talked about limited options, and how a penguin might be appropriate.

She, and the women like her, we agreed, were creatures that persevered like crazy, and often against all odds.

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