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Like everyone else I’m trying to do the best I can with my gratitude, but for the most part I take things as I can fit them in my day; and, with a family pace that is at odd with any form of pausing, everyday gratitude is definitely a challenge. Some days, I need a distilled version of the practice of gratitude; I also need this version to be fun and light so I don’t lose the sense of humor that gets me through vomit on the couch, April’s snow, taxes, and other unexpected things of early spring.

Too often my heartfelt gratitude is mixed with principals of religious, mysticism, and deep spirituality which might be the reason why gratitude seems more fitting for special occasions and turns too awkward in conventional social interactions. But I know that gratitude is really powerful. I love the sense of higher purpose that gratitude unleashes in me; like when I align with social causes and share my strong feelings and inspirations with others. I’m captivated by the warmth, the happiness, and other things that gratitude brings to my days.

This is the reason why I must find the right balance for gratitude. Last week, I was looking forward to the overdue manicure and also lunch with friends in my schedule, which are indeed luxuries or rewards when you compare it to other things in my agenda like dry cleaning vomit from the couch, tax season, and shoveling snow in April. I’m especially grateful for these treats because of the very close relationships that gave them to me as gifts; these friendships are a better part my life; they know how to comfort me; with their support, they know how to remove the bitterness of every day.

So for those days that include a bit of cleaning up and pampering, a bit of work and responsibilities, and a bit of fun and purpose, my gratitude balance comes from focusing on the unique connections with the people that fill those little bits of my days. I don’t take these connections for granted because of the truly wonderful things they bring make sense to me; the time we share, the places we go, and anything we do together remind me that good things are happening to me and I’m grateful for them.

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