I had another blog post planned for today, but when I sat down to set it up, I realized that I wanted to take a slightly different route.  Martha Huntley, Founder and CEO of WeGush and I were chatting the other day about changes in communication and the myriad ways in which the English language is evolving as a result of a communications evolution.  I recently read an article on additions to the dictionary that really surprised me (beer o’clock, anyone?).  The dictionary is pretty much a record reflecting our vernacular.  Year in and year out, slang(or, if you’re me, “things the young kids are saying now that you can’t understand”) is added to the dictionary.

As a tech company we are constantly considering the hows and whys of communication– it’s a really fascinating topic.  Looking back, it was not all that long ago that typing was done on a typewriter, cell phones were for the wealthy to use in their luxury vehicles, and the internet felt like a space age invention. Now, we are constantly glued to our technology.  I have seen cell phones make appearances at dinner tables, people walking into things because they were looking at the little screen in their hands, and I very rarely get a phone call anymore.  My phone lights up many times a day with text alerts.   For me, the advent of constant texting is a relief.  I vastly prefer to communicate via text message.  With my hearing issues, it feels like less pressure.  But, I wonder if a balanced marriage of the two is the most socially savvy approach– that is, knowing how to talk on the phone or even in person and knowing how to text and communicate across these newer channels.

That’s what we’re about at WeGush.  We hope that sending or receiving a gush inspires you to put your gratitude out there in the world in all the ways you possibly can.  Monday, September 21st is World Gratitude Day.  As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited about it and we are deeply thankful for all of our users, followers, and everyone who believes in what we do.
Thanksgiving for followers

Have a wonderful, gratitude-filled weekend!