Thank youPeople worldwide find ways to express gratitude in ways both big and small.  Across the globe, a heartfelt “thank you” comes in many forms.  Here’s a little taste!

  • Japan: arigatou gozaimasu, or the more casual duomo
  • Italian: grazie or grazie mille
  • German: Danke
  • Spanish: Gracias
  • Chinese (Mandarin): xièxie
  • Danish: Tak
  • Finnish: Kiitos
  • Indonesian: Terima kasih
  • Irish (Gaelic): Go raibh maith agat
  • Māori: Kia Ora
  • Navajo: Ahéhee’
  • Portuguese: Obrigado
  • Somali: Mahadsanid
  • Swahili: Asante
  • Thai: kòp kun
  • Malaysian: Terima kasih
  • Burmese: Cè-zù tin-ba-deh
  • American Sign Language:



WeGush is thrilled and grateful for our followers around the world.  It is through all of you that we are able to unleash gratitude!    Perhaps you can try out one of these this weekend– we hope it’s a wonderful one.