Leading up to World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace on September 21, WeGush is highlighting some awesome nonprofits and their leaders who are doing an amazing job to help make the world a better place. Today we highlight the awesome team and program at Press Pass TV:

The organization:
Press Pass TV, Boston, MA. USA

The leaders:
Dr. Cara Berg Powers  and Joanna Marinova are Co-Directors of Press Pass TV. The organization was founded by board chair Gabriel Mugar in 2004.

The mission:
Press Pass TV educates, employs and empowers youth from all backgrounds through media education, production, and character development. In their Network(ed) program, they partner with an incredible array of teaching artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programming to schools and organizations. Through their Media Leadership Institute, they provide youth with intensive character development workshops and paid opportunities to tell the stories of their communities as well as take on higher paid clients as they increase their skills. Their Innovators in Residence are building one of a kind opportunities and huge impact.

Why we are grateful for Press Pass TV:
Press Pass TV created our first WeGush video for our group appreciation platform. We LOVED working with them. Their mission is a win for all – the opportunity youth in their program get civic engagement, training for employment, media literacy, and life skills, and we got quality work at a fair price – and to work with great people! WeGush team member (and author of this post!) Libby Berke loves PPTV so much, she joined their board. We recenty attended their summer graduation ceremony and were in awe of the quality of production and content in the work their youth and staff are doing.

Co-Director Cara Berg Powers, on gratitude:
“As Co-Director of Press Pass TV I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful that I am able to make a living and raise my family while doing the absolute best job in the world. To get to think creatively every day about ways to engage young people in their future, and to do it with the most courageous, brilliant, passionate, and committed staff of people anyone has ever been able to work with is an absolute wonder. On top of all of that, to have an incredibly talented and dynamic board, committed donors, and a caring community that trust us with their resources to continue to grow and build this work is more than I could have ever dreamed for my future. I hope and believe that the work we’re doing is giving all of the young people we work with the opportunity to dream as big.” (Cara is pictured above, bottom left).

How to support Press Pass TV:

  • Donate here. Financial support, as well as donation of quality production equipment is welcome.
  • Hire them to do do video and photography for your organization. Click here for a list of their services and watch their reel here!
  • Follow and share their content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.