Do you recognize the handwriting on this card? Do you know who it might be from? You just might if you are one of the lucky ones who had David Weinstein as a teacher.

My daughter Julia was one of the lucky ones. She was fortunate enough to be placed in David’s classroom when she was in the first grade at the Pierce School in Brookline.

The picture above shows illustrates perfectly how special he is. Yesterday was Julia’s birthday. She is no longer in first grade, she no longer attends Pierce school, and we no longer live in Brookline – yet this birthday card arrived yesterday on Julia’s exact birthday. Every year until they turn 18, every single one of David’s students get a birthday card from him. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And this man has been teaching for 33 years.

I am grateful to David for his commitment to teaching, and for his commitment to bringing joy into the lives of the young minds that are entrusted to him. May you all be so lucky to have a David Weinstein in your life!