The toy makers have Christmas. The candy makers have Valentine’s (and a few others). WeGush has Worldwide Gratitude Day. As I think about what is really meant by the celebration of Worldwide Gratitude Day, I am struck by the thought that as different as we may be cross-culturally, we are all rooted in that thing called the “human experience.” We all think. We all feel. Above all, we are all capable of gratitude. Perhaps it’s as huge as feeling thankful to nurses taking care of your premature baby, as I am seeing play out in the case of a friend.  I have felt this gratitude, too– that she and her family have friends, family and nurses rallying around them and holding them up. Then again, perhaps you see gratitude in something as simple as being offered an umbrella in the rain.

Gratitude manifests itself in very different ways from one country and one continent to another. We may find ourselves mired in traditions that dictate how we express our gratitude. In Japan, expressions of thanks are often via bowing.  In other cultures, appreciation and thanks come in the form of food.  Gratitude can be a simple expression, or it can be a loud one, complete with confetti and balloons.  It’s contagious, too, and can gather power as it spreads. This is what makes gratitude so pervasive, and so incredibly necessary for our relationships with ourselves, with others and for our well-being. To feel gratitude is to connect– to recognize that we’ve been afforded something and to acknowledge it.

world gratitude day

I think gratitude is relateable because we are human, regardless of who you are and where you’re from. As I celebrate World Gratitude Day today, I am taking the time to think about what gratitude means to me and how I welcome it into my life. I invite you to do the same.  When you are open to give and receive gratitude, wonderful things can happen.

If you have a minute, check out this video out of Minnesota, where people express what they are thankful for– it put a smile on my face!

Happy Worldwide Gratitude day. As always, we at WeGush are so thankful you are helping us unleash a Gratitude Revolution!