Happy dayEvery day presents a chance for you to unleash your gratitude; those moments happen when you discover your grateful words and dedicate them to the kindness of the people around you. The hint to this happy discovery might be in the little things that bring peace to your present moment, like knowing on a given Sunday that you can sleep a bit longer or allowing yourself to get lost in a simple but wholesome morning routine. The task at hand is even simpler, breathe; feel the gratitude, just be.

When you realize that a perfect moment to express your gratitude is near, you’re ready to enjoy the pleasures of the day.  You’re also ready to face life’s daily challenges rather than being trapped by them. A big spill, the dog running away, a kid with a 1-day virus, and it is not even noon yet! It turns out that these challenges are only stimulation for you to understand that you matter as much as your parents, teachers, or anyone who influences your life in a positive way. Today you have the power to steer things back to normal like they once did. Besides, you might find some pleasure in the sweet smell of a clean room; it is a great privilege to meet the kind lady that saved your dog from the busy road; and there is sunshine in a smile of a kid when his tummy starts to feel much better. Breathe; feel full from within, satisfaction is a sign of a happy day.

Take a moment of your busy day to say two words: Thank you. A sincere sentiment and this mantra helps you gain a higher vantage point so that you can easily add the specific detail. Are you thankful for the nourishing food, the comforting feeling of homemade dishes, or the time and effort your husband put behind last nights’ dinner? Are you thankful for the fun time spent together with a close friend or her hilarious story about her mother that made you laugh and cry?  Are you thankful to put someone’s idea to work?  You can easily come up with a list of things that keep you full from within. Breathe; let the gratitude you feel connect you with the present and enjoy the happiness of the day.

Melody Beattie