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WeGush makes it easy for your group to show appreciation for someone special.

Buying a group gift, too? You can use WeGush to collect the money online.

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Who Deserves Your Appreciation

How about a co-worker retiring from the office? Or a friend who needs get well wishes? Or a volunteer making an impact? WeGush can make them all smile.

It’s easy to get the whole group involved!

Create: Launch an online wallboard for someone special
Invite: Ask the group to share their heartfelt comments.
Delight: Deliver an amazingly personal and deeply moving gift
Hooray! It’s simple for the whole class to participate in teacher appreciation. And saying thank you to the coach at the end of the season is a breeze!

Give the Gift of Gratitude

WeGush is free and the online gratitude wallboards can be viewed on all devices.

WeGush - Group Appreciation

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Credit Cards Online

Collecting money for a group gift, too?

WeGush gives you the option to enable online payments so people can use their credit card to contribute toward the gift.

It’s easy to setup and you can start collecting money immediately.

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WeGush Experiences

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Just received my first gush and I feel truly loved!  What a great way to make people feel valued and appreciated.  Best part? Whenever I’m feeling low, I can just go back and look at how others see me and feel better.  I’m “gushing” about WeGush!
Eileen Regis, Brookline, MA
WeGush is like a hand-written card to an important teacher, coach, or loved one…but it’s better and more powerful!
Charlie Walsh, Brookline, MA
Recently I had the task of coordinating the retirement party for our executive director. The set-up of the gush took about 15 minutes. Over 100 people responded! I was a big hero coordinating it all. Ha Ha! Really, no work at all!
Yvette Yelardy, Brookline, MA
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Gratitude feels good. Pass it on!

As the mom of three kids, I’ve enjoyed being a room parent in many classrooms throughout the years. I believe it’s so important to let our teachers and coaches know how much we value them.

A card signed “from all of us” is nice. But a heartfelt message from each child and family? Unforgettable.

We designed WeGush to make it easy for more groups to express appreciation in a really meaningful way to the awesome people in their lives. I hope you will join our revolution in gratitude and celebrate somebody special today!

Martha Huntley,
WeGush Founder

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