I once asked my grandmother, who has now been married for going on 58 years, what it takes to make a marriage work.  She and my grandfather are the pillars of our family, my personal anchors, and they are still in love after all this time.  Her response to my question? “When you want to leave? Don’t.”  I think she was trying to say that even when things are hard, persevere.  This is not the only lesson I have learned observing their relationship, but it has always stayed with me.

Thanksgiving for Relationships

What does this have to do with gratitude? Well, when we talk about what helps make a marriage successful: a whole heck of a lot. According to a new study, scientists that found that many marriages and relationships erode over time because either partner felt the other wasn’t grateful.  So, I will be adding this simple fact:  partners who say thank you and show gratitude for even the small stuff have strong relationships– it’s scientifically proven!