words with friendsGot gratitude? The average person probably doesn’t think about it on a daily basis, but yet gratitude is everywhere and in everything you do. Like other forces of nature, gratitude is an invisible and inexplicable power that connects you with people, places, and things. Similarly to physical gravity, when you feel gratitude you’re inner wisdom keeps you grounded and the shorter the distance, the easier it is for you to realize and express your gratitude. You can’t help falling into optimism with humanity, starting with a restoring confidence in yourself.

The gratitude effect on your human emotions seems to follow the theory of gravity as a force of attraction. Think for a moment on the behind-the-scenes rational order that rules your friendships. Your affection, patience, and compassion for a dear friend can be a sign of being in the same orbit with that person. Gratitude can keep you in synchronization with your friends; having fun with game of words, forgiving the latest outburst of drama, singing together out loud a karaoke song, those tell-all confessions, and other experiences with love ones that makes you feel alive.

The effect of gratitude on your happiness seems to follow the theory of how gravity curves the space-time of an object rather than be seen as a mere force. Consider the times you are grateful for overcoming hardship; grateful for water after a drought or for health after a terrible illness. There are other times when you are grateful for your new-found freedoms, life learning lessons, or major accomplishments. Now think about how often you are grateful for having a break, a bit of sunshine, a good relationship, a baby on the way, a new job, a laugh, a warm bath, and other more conventional accomplishments or everyday things. Every one of those instances, you also experienced genuine and enduring happiness. So it seems like at any given moment of your life, the gratitude you feel curves the happiness around you. In other words, when you choose to be grateful for everything falling on your path the natural effect is increased happiness.

Perhaps gravity doesn’t fully explain why you feel gratitude but the fact remains that gratitude is a real and constant presence in your life; it grounds your desires and pulls you to good, optimism, love, and happiness.