When the Boston Marathon bombings occurred, I was on my way to the finish line (having stopped for frozen yogurt with my cousin), and ended up fleeing as I reached Kenmore Square.  In the hours that followed, fielding calls from frantic relatives and friends, then making my own to my best friend, who was volunteering at the finish line, it felt like my world had been permanently altered.  Shortly thereafter, I decided that I would write about my experience in my personal blog as a way of dealing with what I had been seeing, hearing and feeling.  I want to share a small excerpt from that piece:

“The compassion, kindess, love and support I have witnessed both in the city and to those immediately around us, across the country and even the world gives me hope that good truly does outweigh the bad.  In times of such darkness, the light must shine the brightest.”

As we reflect on Paris, Beirut, and other atrocities, I find myself thankful that amidst tragedy and fear, there are seeds of humanity at its best that can and do take root if we let them.  Compassion, kindness and love, like gratitude, are powerful agents of humanity.

J’etaime, Paris.  ‘Ahabak, Beirut.  Across the world, across cultures and across religions, let love shed light.

Grateful for human compassion