Valentine’s Day is here and words of love are in the air. But, have you ever missed the opportunity to simply say “thank you” to your sweetheart, and really wished you had? Have you ever tried an awesome greeting card? I want to share with you this perfectly timed poem by Laura Strickland. Her sweet words are simple reminders to never miss the opportunity to say thank you. Remember your thoughts of gratitude, let’s hear them loud and clear when another moment is given to you. Have a great Valentine’s Day!
I thank you

I Thank You

By Laura Strickland

Often I tell you how deeply I love you, though I don’t tell you often enough how thankful I am for you.

I thank you for your love, your friendship, your kindness.

I thank you for making me smile, for being there when I need someone.

I thank you for your support, your strength; for all you give to me.

I thank you for the laughter, the memories, the quiet times together, the heart to heart talks.

I thank you for making each day special, if not more special than the day before.

I thank you for every moment, every second that you’ve been a part of my life.

I thank you for sharing yourself with me.

I thank you for loving and giving unconditionally.

And if tomorrow I wake to find, there will be no more days with you I’ll thank you for all you’ve left behind, that will help to carry me through.

I thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love you without end; you’re the love of my life and a special friend.