Gratitude Signature

People in your life understand you by paying attention, actively listening with all senses, and knowing your personal language made up of your spoken words, gestures, sounds, touch, and even eye contact that express what you really mean and how you truly feel. This is how they get the message that you just need someone that listens or someone that jumps into your situation; when you need to them close or at a fair distance; this understanding can also help them identify the times, places, and the ways in which you crave appreciation.

How do you deal with your cravings for appreciation? A good start is to look beyond social conventions into the positivity of those intimate social interactions where being truthful, vulnerable, or proud is just being you, and not something to be seen as weird or inappropriate. Here are a few examples of how words, behaviors, attitudes, and intentions can build a relationship between you and the people that appreciate you and help you appreciate the gratitude experience:

  • 1-on-1 time appreciation: A “dear friend” letter, text or talk best suited for your quiet and private side.
  • Appreciation to build confidence: Words with an extra dose of oxygen to fuel your personal best.
  • Grateful appreciation: For when your right actions belong to others as much as they belong to you.
  • Hands-on appreciation: Needed service or helpful teamwork that easily turns a tough day around.
  • Happy wishes appreciation: Hopes and desires that turn family into friends and friends into family.
  • Public display of appreciation: Cheers shouted from the rooftop to include everyone in your party.
  • Right to brag appreciation: Badges and awards for milestones, goals, and for you to keep score.
  • Simply praise appreciation: Precious remarks that make your face (and your mind) smile.
  • Touchy feely appreciation: A kiss on the cheek, a hug, a high five, a fist bump, a strong handshake, a pat on the back, shoulder grabbing and other gestures that easily warm your heart.

Appreciation is a basic human need that triggers an emotional response that can tell others a lot about you.  The better you know how people can share best wishes, praise, encouragement, thanks and other “happy you’re alive” feelings, the more ready you are to openly and genuinely connect with others. Embrace your appreciation experience and all its signatures; it can transform your appreciation for others.

Lifechanging gratitude