All throughout my Facebook feed since November 1st, I’ve been witnessing a drastic increase in Gratitude posts, primarily, of those partaking in gratitude challenges. ‘Tis the month for giving thanks (although we like to think it’s chic to says thanks all year round, of course!).

What really strikes me as I read these posts is the utter complexity of some, juxtaposed with the simplicity of others. I’ve seen thanks given to: a child’s bus driver, for the ability to buy mangoes(part of a longer point of gratitude for the ability to access and purchase nutritional food), to the car wash attendant, to other parents for helping with a carpool, and for the ability to dance at an older age (and to the dance teacher). Some are funny and some are poignant.

What struck me the most is that whether a small blurb or a large one, the sentiment was never small– the gratitude itself was BIG. Isn’t that what this is about? Something may appear to be small at face value, but it means so much more. That’s the inherent value of gratitude– it’s meaningful in so many ways and larger than life.

What would I write for my own gratitude challenge today?


How can I not be thankful that beauty like this exists? Not only that, but I was taught to embrace it, as my cousins are learning to do.