I thought that when I graduated from College, that “back to school” feeling– an amalgamation of dread, excitement, anticipation I always associated with this time of the year would disappear.  Even as a woman without children, I can’t say that has been my experience.  Every fall, I feel as though, even though the trees are losing their leaves and the days are growing shorter, something is starting anew.

Isn’t that what going back to school is really all about?  Each year is a new teacher, a chance to make new friends, new things to learn (both from books and about ourselves), sometimes new clothes and definitely new notebooks (I’ve always loved blank notebooks– you can do anything in those blank pages!).

Here in New England we mark the passing of time with very distinct seasons, each on bringing its own unique promise of tradition.  In the fall we pick apples, drink apple cider, welcome back football, harvest squash from our gardens, and we send the kids back to school.  What I hope we send them with is a sense that a new school year means new possibilities.

Fall Back to School
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