Have you ever wondered how all of the many interactions with teachers, staff, and other parents are part of everyone’s combined effort for our kids’ success at school?  Here are three questions to recognize the positivity in not only the child-teacher relationship, but the parent-teacher relationship, as well:

#1. What did my kid learn this week?

Everyday kids gain insight from the world around them. It doesn’t matter if it’s math, vocabulary, a second language, how wolves travel in packs, or when to say “excuse me” and wait their turn – kids go to bed at night with more ideas in their head and with better skills than they had the day before.

#2. How did my kids feel about school this week?

Bullying, the social scene, and academic stress can leave kids with unresolved feelings. Teachers are constantly noticing what’s wrong or any change in behavior because a learning environment and positive climate is reflected in how kids’ feel about their school. Teachers know that the kids’ emotional wellness is important and they are prepared to apply recharging techniques and coping strategies so children feel better and grow every day.

#3. Did something special happen at school this week?Thank you to teachers

Beyond holidays and school-wide celebrations, we can’t forget all we’ve accomplished because teachers help our kids throughout the school day with their boots, school supplies, and five additional minutes during a final test –or even better, recess.

It’s the end of the 2014-2015 school year here in Massachusetts, and WeGush invites you to join us in recognizing our childrens’ teachers, not only for their fine work, but for their acts of kindness that give our children wonderful memories with which to start the Summer.