Thank you pays

Even if you don’t pay too much attention to what people say, you can’t help but pause at the sound of a thank you. Not only do you need it, but your sweetheart does as well because more than chocolate, being appreciated is one of your darling companion’s biggest cravings that brings happiness. Genuine recognition restores and motivates your better half more than money and expensive gifts.

A fall 2015 study published in the Journal of Personal Relationships claims that the key to happy relationships is saying thank to your partner for things s/he does for you and the family. Sure, everyone at home is expected to do chores – there is no need to create a holiday for laundry day, or put on a parade to celebrate that the garbage is out – but it is important to express gratitude for the big and the small things couples do for each other to promote the quality of their relationships.

Recognizing the value and expressing your appreciation for your spouse makes a lot of sense.  Yet the inner workings of gratitude in love relationships goes beyond safe and sound advice; giving thanks on a regular basis creates a stronger tie that not only complements the romantic bond but helps couples cope with the unavoidable arguments, miscommunication, and those little things that pop up unannounced, get under your skin, and put stress on your domestic life. Gratitude protects what’s good, honest, and right in your personal relationship.

If you think about it, choosing to express gratitude for each other seems healthier than a trip down memory lane, keeping score, or focusing on the small stuff, right? Perhaps it is because thank you is plain language that is emotionally charged with your personal character; maybe it is the power of not taking the other person for granted; or that indeed it is a blessing to have someone supporting you at home where you want and need it most.

So, today and everyday say “thank you, my love”, it really pays off.

Say Thank you Gush