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Last night, we shared a story from Upworthy that I can’t get out of my head. It is special on so many different levels. The picture you see above (credit Delia Blackburn) is not of a couple. It is not of brothers. It is of the father and stepfather of a bride. Moments before Todd Bachmann (pictured, right) was about to walk his daughter down the aisle, he grabbed the hand the bride’s stepdad, Todd Cendrosky (pictured, left), and said “Hey, you’ve worked for this as hard as I have.You deserve this as much as I do. You’re gonna help us walk OUR daughter down the aisle.”

It is such a powerful act – I can’t even call it a gesture because that seems so small of a word – it was an act of kindness, of gratitude, of inclusivity, of selflessness, of recognition, of community. And the more I read about it, the more in awe of it I am. The men acknowledge that “It hasn’t always been peaches and cream, by any stretch of the imagination.”, yet still this amazing moment happened.

In an age where it is not uncommon to hear nightmare stories about poor behavior among exes or in-laws at weddings and other gatherings, this warmed my heart.

See more of the powerful pictures at Upworthy (not a dry eye in the house!) or watch a video news piece from WKYC including a comment from the bride on her honeymoon as this story went viral.