Whenever we notice what’s good and right around us, life lights up. Milestones, achievements, and big events are easy to spot and appreciate. But more often than not, we find even bigger pleasure in the quiet words and quiet actions that go almost unnoticed until we realize what has been going on

without being aware. These realizations are gratitude debts that light up our consciences and remind us how we’re connected with everything and especially with one another.

Gratitude starts as a small spark that gradually grows as people recognize it. With a world full of problems that seemingly have no solutions, it’s often said that one person can’t make a difference. Yet, sometimes one grateful person can directly or indirectly effect a change of perception that creates a new way of thinking and/or doing.  Gratitude is a good feeling that creates more positive feelings and long-lasting bonds.

Gratitude makes it possible to understand that even with all the problems in the world, there is still delights in our lives.  And since actions speak louder than words, expressing gratitude turns into a very nourishing experience – delights for the giver and the receiver. People that claim their right to express their gratitude can inspire a world of thanks around them.

WeGush for iOS is now available for download!  We are thrilled to invite you to unleash your gratitude. Send a simple and powerful message; whenever opportunity comes, seize your gratitude (carpe gratia).