When I was thinking about writing this entry, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood Valentines. Like many others, in my early grades at school we used to make Valentines with construction paper, doilies, glitter, glue, ribbon, and yarn. We used coloring pencils and crayons to write our poetry, compliments, and Valentine’s Day good wishes. Some cards were tiny (and itty-bitty when folded:), others were large and elaborate with cutouts with different colored paper showing through and dangling streamers and glitter for extra pizazz.

We made cards for our teacher and for each one of our classmates, thinking of them one by one and personalizing them. We deposited them in a box decorated with hearts and doilies, with a slit cut in the top.

We had a Valentine party too with Kool-Aid and homemade cupcakes and icing with cinnamon hearts. Mrs. Anson always made the BEST homemade icing and slathered it on. My opinion remains the same since then, “the more icing the better!”

It was always fun to get everyone’s Valentine creations. Some with “roses are red” poetry, others with kind messages like, “You’re a good friend” or “I like you” or, “I’m glad we share a desk.” So sweet, so basic, and so real.

Receiving Valentine’s can be powerful. We can feel remembered, liked, loved, happy, valued, connected, and relevant.

We all love to be remembered on Valentine’s Day.
We all love feeling special.

If you can and want to bring out the glitter glue, scissors, and paper for Valentine’s Day, enjoy the fun! It is a great way to get creative and express gratitude for others. To help you easily reach all of the sweeties in your life, we posted our new WeGush Valentine Gush Collection on the free WeGush app under the Seasonal menu. With them, you can share beautiful Gush messages of gratitude and positivity, with your mom, dad, kids, nieces & nephews, friends – anyone you want to feel special.

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