No matter how old I get, fall is always back to school month for me.  It’s a time of transition and sometimes a time of chaos. I’ve found that, so far, this month has been particularly crazed (and I don’t even have children!).  Indeed, September seems to be the month where I must be exceedingly mindful to slow down and to remember the importance of balance– both in my life and in my mind.  The space I allot to things in my head is just as important as the time I allot to things in my life.

Giving thanks for balance

Balance is one of those word that some scoff at, but it’s a deeply personal thing for each of us– it’s a relative concept.  One person’s balanced life is another’s crazytown, so to speak.  There is no recipe to follow.  Each of us must juggle different responsibilities, pressures, people, etc.  I have a proposal, though.  What if, as you go through your days and give of yourselves to the various events that make up your lives, you take moments to yourself– to breathe, to remind yourselves why you do what you do, and to be grateful in the moment?  Give it a shot.  You may be surprised at how much these stolen moments can impact your perspective and help you to move forward.