Our dear and wonderful friend Toni Lansbury posted a spot today on her daily blog “The Gratitude-a-thon.” She is on day 670 of writing about things large and small that she can be grateful for in her life and the lifes of others. Today she writes about why gratitude is “so powerful you can write a whole blog about it.”  We are grateful to share it with you here. We hope you take a moment to read the entire piece and can find some more gratitude inspiration within it.

“It’s a funny thing about gratitude. The more effort you put in to find it, the more of it you can find. It’s like a free-flowing marathon movie. You pick your clip and you’re off. The way I see it is that just having even five minutes to appreciate something you have versus something you don’t have can give your body and mind a break from that feeling of longing, envy, jealousy, STRESS.” 

-Toni Lansbury, The Gratitude-a-thon. Continue reading here.

Thanks so much Toni – we love you and your beautiful grateful heart!