PMC blog picThere is so much I love about Boston. It has been my home for over 20 years, it is where my three kids were born, and where I became a US citizen. Around the world, Boston stands out for its education, technology, and politics. Even if it is not perfect and we could use more sunny days in the year, for me, our city also stands for big and generous hearts.

My friends and family have all become more or less acquainted with the imperfections of this great city, but also with the work of so many non-profits organizations that are mitigating the bad, while transforming lives right here. Whenever we talk about our absolute favorite things to do in Boston, I can appreciate their bigheartedness gushing in support of many worthy causes this city offers.  Whether is education, woman, children, music, financial literacy, clean technology, youth employment, children health, sports, medical research or whatever  is most important to you, Boston has an organization for that.

What’s the best way to contribute to the success of these organizations? It feels easy enough to perform good deeds once in a while such as making a donation or volunteering.  A bit harder is to accomplish hundred of little deeds for which a constant presence, ability, and top form is required. My husband runs marathons in behalf of Miles of Miracles. For him, long distance running makes sense as a personal challenge and also as a way to show eternal gratitude for the organization that gives so much to our family.JFK quote

In a way, challenging oneself, camaraderie, and endurance turns into an invaluable way to impact lives around you. Every year, dear friends participate in the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC). Their commitment and triumph for every mile closer to the finish line resembles the journey of cancer patients in their path to health: all the people, all the connections, all the love, and all the gratitude.  On August 1st and 2nd 2015, join WeGush in celebrating this worthy cause. Send a gush to a PMC rider or volunteer and help them experience your gratitude for their heart and every mile covered from Sturbridge to Provincetown.