Gratitude shall passThis Too Shall Pass is a well known saying.  That everything is and will be temporary; makes for a good lyric and a great tattoo –TTSP.  This phrase works during times of distress and affliction to remind us that change for the good is around the corner. It also works on the moments of health, happiness, and honor to remind us to be thankful; not to take things for granted because if you haven’t yet figured it out, life happens.

This Too Shall Pass fits well with the ephemeral nature of human emotions too; how feelings like fear, sadness, anger, hope, joy, love or happiness can describe a moment in time but not define our entire lives. After these passing emotions a sweet memory or a lesson to help us grow is left behind; we seem to be made of these recollections.

This wise saying can also work for the simple things of my everyday life, like the fact that I’m easily frustrated by my kids. Often my frustration comes from my expectation for teenagers to understand that they aren’t the center of the universe.  Then, usually in a snap or after a deep breath my frustration goes away; perhaps because my kids are indeed my weakness –the center of my universe. I let it go in part because of the memories of my parents’ kindness. These recollections speak loud to me and take over my parenting frustration. My parents as my biggest supporters, mind readers of my feelings, forgiving my many faults, or letting me grow at my own pace, remind me that I too can handle my kids. I’m grateful for these sweet recollections.

Gratitude is the memory

Then gratitude too shall pass, right? Gratitude as the spur of the moment passionate emotion might fade too, especially if over time the sentiment loses meaning. But the gratitude that brings back sweet memories, the gratitude that I can attach over and over again to new learning and beautiful memories of my family, that gratitude stays with me. I carry it in my heart.