Positive FootprintThis past Summer I spent time in Las Vegas with my sisters. We shared great laughs, and few “Stays in Vegas” shenanigans. Those were three very fun and social media intensive days. I have never taken so many pictures and videos, or texted and commented so many times in my entire life. Along with a most needed daily rest, you can imagine us sharing quiet time when we were posting, emailing, or playing with our phones. It was hard work documenting and preserving our experience for ourselves, our families and friends. Every day we went out, leaving behind traces of our digital footprint.

Social media is like a force of nature in the identity creation engine. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other apps make it very easy to validate who we really are. Alongside content like NYC pizza rat, viral online content shows families and their worthy causes, people and their hobbies; even crooks are busted because of their virtual activity. Through likes, thumps up, pins, followers and endorsements, people can map what we read, watch, and eat; where we live, our core values, moods, and desires. No wonder there is a new face recognition app that doesn’t even need a face. In a years there will be an app that will diagnose rare illnesses without visiting a doctor.

I do get it. Social media doesn’t solve every problem and most likely creates really bad habits, but it’s nice to check on my sisters when they are a thousand miles away. Even nicer and my absolute favorite thing is the time we spend together. Especially in those intimate moments when life slows down and everything seems less complicated, we can’t stop laughing (or crying), and we have a chance to live our love for each another. These special and private sisterly instances bring out the positive embedded in my genetic identity: my positive footprint – that deep connected place where we find ourselves being happy, wise, and grateful for what we have, and what we share with those closest to us.

What does a positive footprint feel like to you?

Giving thanks for time spent together