I was reading a really interesting article that turned up in my google alerts, and essentially, the gist of it is that as you get older, gratitude and other positive feelings come more easily. According to the article, which focuses on the neuroscience of gratitude, the ability to express and feel gratitude are solidified by ages 7-10, but with age comes the likelihood of more frequent and spontaneous expressions.   There are a lot of scientific underpinnings (hint: brain development has a lot to do with it, so all you science lovers, definitely read it!), but it really struck me as fascinating.  I turned 30 last December and as I get older, I find that I care MORE about important things and less about the inconsequential.  I am also much more aware of what I have and my actions.  Science aside, it’s sometimes as simple as this: with age often comes a maturity that allows us to better understand ourselves and our personal impact.

Thanksgiving for followers

Having said that, I do think that gratitude is something that can be nurtured, no matter your age.  It spreads like wildfire.  It can be as simple as  thanking someone who has made things a little easier for you that day, or as big as saying thank you to someone who has made a lasting impact in your life.  It’s not the magnitude of the thing for which you are grateful that matters– it’s the sentiment behind it!  Like we always say at WeGush– gratitude is contagious!